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The Hoops are holding a Supporters’ Information Meeting in the clubhouse on Sunday, August 13 at 7.15pm.
Chairman Dave Chmura said: “This is an opportunity for our supporters to come along and find out what’s happening at the club both on and off the pitch, and we hope as many as possible will take the opportunity to do so.”

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  1. Is this what passes as an AGM? (The club’s due one)
    Will it be a Q and A session,or will “The Powers that Be” just take to the floor,telling us what,on the whole,we probably might all know?

  2. All supporters are invited and of course we will be happy to answer any questions you have about the club and team

  3. The club is definitely due a supporters meeting but it is at a strange time don’t you think.
    Most fans will be at home with the family.

  4. The date and time have been set so that all committee member’s can attend, a lot of them work full time jobs alongside the running of the club so a Sunday night was considered the best time for all involved. Hope you can make it Steve, if not im sure all details will be posted.

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