Steve O’Brien

Steve O'Brien
Left Back

Age: 33

Home Town: Dover

Job/Career: A Teacher

Previous Clubs: Dover Athletic, Faversham Town, Canterbury City, Margate, Ramsgate

Footballing Achievement’s: Kent league and Kent senior trophy

Favourite Football Team: Manchester United

Favourite Film or TV program: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Band or Musician: Avicii

Hobbies: football, cricket, tennis, running, most sports really.

Ambitions: win the SCEFL with Deal Town

Which Team mate is the worst dressed: sure this is a popular choice but has to be Kingy or Sam Wilson

Which team mate has the worst taste in music? Troy

Who’s the joker in the team, give us an example: Alfie Foster (speaks as much rubbish as Jay from the Inbetweeners).

The Blues Brothers 1905 (Baz & Kev)