Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson

Age: 25

Home Town: Folkestone

Job/Career: Brakes

Previous Clubs: Folkestone and Hawkinge

Footballing Achievement’s: Deal Town top goal scorer

Favourite Football Team: Liverpool

Favourite Film or TV program: Venom

Favourite Band or Musician: Eminem

Hobbies: Running

Ambitions: To enjoy my football for as long as possible

Which Team mate is the worst dressed: Kingy

Which team mate has the worst taste in music? Troy

Who’s the joker in the team, give us an example: Troy

'The Old Gits'

Sam Wilson is this season sponsored by ‘The Old Gits’, as named by themselves lol

The OG’s are made up of Deal Town regulars John, Trig, Phil, Paul, Dave, Martin, Tim and Eric

Thank you all for your sponsorship