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    Hoops Fan

    With the team needing as much support for this game,is the club thinking of running a coach to the Belmont?
    Would be good for the players to see and hear a few faces in the crowd getting behind them.
    Lets hope for no injuries(or suspensions) by then.


    Deal Town

    We have no plans at present to run a coach for the game. We offered this on the game to Worthing and had little response which was a shame


    Hoops Fan

    I can understand that the response for the Worthing game would be limited. In my view, the original game being drawn on Saturday and the replay being played on Monday(a Bank Holiday,which people might have already made plans beforehand),probably contributed to that fact.
    With the WTFC game being over a week away,I’d have thought that supporters would have more time to decide what to do.
    What better way to arrive than on a Bayliss coach! The more we get attending,the more money through the gate(to share) and the more to get behind the team!


    Hoops Fan

    Well,I got that wrong ,didn’t I!? I got Worthing mixed up with Horsham!!
    Wouldn’t believe that I attended both matches,eh!?
    Oh well………….


    Hoops Fan

    Great result today. Cant fault any of the players for the effort put in.
    If you play like that in the league,you’ll be moving up the table pretty shortly.
    Looking forward to Tuesday night. Lets get the job done!
    Hoping for a good turnout to get behind the team.


    Hoops Fan

    Can anybody at the club try and stop these trolls appearing on the website!? 🙁
    It seems that every time they reply,I get messages in my email inbox telling me about replies to certain topics!
    Rather annoying!


    Deal Town

    I agree, its very annoying.

    We are trying our best to keep on top of it and trying to find a solution to stop them once and for all


    Hoops Fan

    To coin a certain well known phrase-“WTF!? 🙂


    Hoops Fan

    Who are these people!? 🙁
    Here’s a simple message-get a real life and F.R.O.!


    Oliver Martin

    I’m hopeful my latest edits will fix the spam issue. So far though we have caught over 260 spam comments.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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