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1st May, 2018 · · Uncategorized · 1 comment

Saturday’s attendance of 219 took the Hoops’ average gate for the season to 120, the fourth successive seasonal rise, and chairman Dave Chmura is hoping the trend will continue, saying: “This young team deserve more people watching them on a regular basis next season.”


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  1. Hoops Fan says:

    Credit firstly,to the team for improving over the last couple of years or so,as everybody knows that a successful team will bear the fruit of increased attendances!
    Long may that continue! 🙂
    Another factor is that we had gained the likes of Chatham,Sheppey and(up until this year) Whitstable with their followings to visit the Chares Ground to keep the average up!
    Boxing Day games against our “tenants” also help!
    Will be a shame to lose the Oysters next year,so please have words with the league and make sure those games are on a Saturday,rather than a Tuesday night next year! 😉

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