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5th August, 2017 · · Uncategorized · 6 comments

The Hoops and Corinthian must meet again in a replay at the Charles Ground on Tuesday night after Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup extra preliminary round tie ended in a 2-2 draw.
But after 45 minutes it looked like Deal, who had new signing Steve Butcher making his debut, were going to end their 25-year wait for an away victory on the opening day of the season. They took an early 2-0 lead through Joe Reeves and Ryan Philpott and then Corinthian missed a penalty to leave the Hoops in a strong position at the break.
However, the Longfield side did reduce the arrears early in the second half before both teams had a player sent off, with Charlie Walsh seeing red for Deal.
And Corinthian then made it 2-2 before the Hoops were reduced to nine men when Reeves was also sent off, but Derek Hares’ side managed to hold out in the closing stages to earn a second “bite of the cherry” on Tuesday (7.45pm).
Deal starting XI: Tonkin, Butcher, Alexander, K Smith, Hark, Scott, Bigginton, Walsh, Miller, Reeves, Philpott.

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  1. Hoops Fan says:

    Please,no mistakes Tuesday night! 🙂
    Oh and no more injuries or sending off!
    We’re looking light already for the opening League games ! 🙁

  2. Stuart Miller Osborne says:

    Good Luck on Tuesday – sad to see that players are still being sent off – it appears to be the norm these days – during my playing days it took a great deal to qualify for an early bath – it appears that most referees do not use common sense any more – when watching the round up on C5 last night a number of the league sending offs were farcical – it is spoiling the game at all levels – I hope to be in Deal for the Canterbury game later this month – in the interim good luck Deal Town

  3. Steven Lake says:

    The result was over shadowed by the appalling desire of Corinthian to appeal and beg the ref for a foul.
    To get players sent off when they are a pretty good outfit is completely out of order and to wind fans up is terrible.
    I enjoyed the football the first half was what Deal are all about and I was so impressed.
    The Deal lads were unlucky not to go further ahead.
    Corinthians second goal was a beauty into the top corner.
    I would normally say a fair result but it was far from it and as they say cheats never prosper.
    A great game in prospect on Tuesday night.
    Come on Deal.!!!!l

  4. I Parker says:

    A very good first half but failed to get started in the second. Corinthians second goal was going in the moment the ball left the payers foot. Unfortunately from my point of view, the referee lost control and the senior linesman had quite a bit to say on some incidents. A pity some of HIS decisions weren’t up to scratch. Having said that come on lads let’s do it Tuesday.

  5. Corinthian Fan says:

    A bit of perspective from a Corinthian fan; game of 2 half, Deal were excellent in the first half, two neat finishes from excellent crosses. It looked like men against boys which from the average age of the players, I guess it was. The penalty miss was a blow but only to be 2 down at the break flattered Corinthian.
    Second half Deal just didn’t turn up and looked very tired by the end, Corinthian got stronger as the game moved on and deserved the replay. I didn’t see what happened for the first 2 red cards, I couldn’t find anyone who did, but the challenge for the second Deal red card was a poor one. Don’t agree with the comments about the ref, I thought he was ok.
    Will Deal rue not putting the game to bed in the first half on Saturday or will Corinthian regret not finishing off the 9 men of Deal. Looking forward to the replay tonight but not the 6 hour round trip from Salisbury to get there, maybe a Deal fan will buy me a drink for making the effort!! Come of Corinthians

  6. Hoops Fan says:

    That’s what I call dedication,if you made the journey from Salisbury????
    Must be soul destroying to see your team going 3-0 down at the break. To be honest,your guys didn’t even look like troubling us in the second half,even with a man advantage and our centre forward in goal,after our keeper got his marching orders????
    Good luck for the rest of the season,apart from when you play us of course????
    Hope you had a safe journey back.

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